Forestry Programs

Healthy Forests Reserve Program (HFRP)

Purpose: To help landowners restore, enhance and protect forestland resources on private lands through easements and financial assistance. HRFP also aids in the recovery of endangered and threatened species under the Endangered Species Act, improves plant and animal biodiversity, and enhances carbon sequestration. The program is administered by the USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service.
Funding: Appropriations are authorized at $12 million annually through FY 2018.
History: The HFRP was created by Section 508 of the Healthy Forest Restoration Act of 2003
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Some forestry legislation falls under the Agriculture Committees, with many of the programs administered being permanently funded. The two main authorities are the Cooperative Forestry Assistance Act and the Healthy Forest Restoration Act of 2003. Programs that are not renewed most likely were not appropriated funding with the prior bill. (CRS Summary Report)